Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shops and shiz...

So, for my post today, I am going to tell you a bit about myself, where I like to shop, what foods I like, etc.
So, let's not waste time!!
Where I Like To Shop
I love to shop in Olive, it has such originality in their clothing, and obviously a plus-side is that they have an Online Shop, which I love to look on all the time, then actually go into the shop to buy it. However, I have only ever ordered one thing from them online before and that took such a long time to come that I have given up ordering online and I just go into the shop to buy it!
But aside from that, they are definitely one of my favourite shops, and they always have such a large stock in when ever I go in!!
I also love to shop in Topshop. They have a real range of styles in there and there are also lots of Topshop shops around so it is easy to find one wherever you go. The only negative of there is that it is a bit expensive for some things but they have real quality clothing in there so it is definitely worth it. Topshop also have an online shop which is very useful as sometimes they don't have the right sizes in or the right things.
Boots is obviously a must for all the things like Soap and Glory, Make-up such as Maybelline and Rimmel London, Max Factor etc and also hair care and body care products. They obviously have an online shop.
I also love to shop at Jack Wills, mainly in the Winter as they have the nicest (and longest lasting) winter jumpers that I have seen! But they also have real quality things in there as well. I also love the make-up brushes that they sell in there, they are really soft and not too expensive. They also have an online shop. They have a 40% sale on at the moment, so go and check it out!
What Kind Of Foods Do I Like?
I'm only really going to stick to sweet treats for this because that is a bit easier.
I love the Maoam Pinballs, they are so nice and I have only ever found them at the local Tesco near where I live. It's so annoying, however, I am eating some right now!! Yum....

I alaso love Dolly Mixture. Not many of my friends like them so that is obviously a good thing!

I absolutely love Malteaser Ice-Creams. They are so nice and really good on holiday and hot sunny (if ever) days in England. :(

I also love a good old plain Cadbury Dairy Milk. They are really nice.

I also love mini eggs and they should so be available to buy all year round!

That's all from me today folks, but I'll be back agaon tomorrow, with some more stuff for you to read. Don't forget to vote in the poll that is at the top of my blog on the left had bar, above my profile. Also, please comment on things that you would like me to blog about!
See you soon.
Florence xxx