Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Quick Post. :)

So, today I have been quite busy, we had family over and this was the quick snippet of time I had to do a quick post! (I figured I had to keep my posts daily!) And as I only have a limited amount of time to do this in, I am just gong to leave you with this gif, and a few pictures from Pinterest that make me think of Easter!
It's very near Easter so I thought that this would be appropriate!






I hope you all have a good Easter and weekend! I dont't think that I will be able to post tomorrow but I should be able to on Sunday... :)
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In case you hadn't noticed, I like Peeps! They're sooo gooooddd!
see ya sooooonnn!
Florence xxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

10 Things About Me!

So, I guess (if you have read the title) that you know that my blog post today is 10 things about me!
So, let's get started!
1. I love the shop Olive. Their clothes are so original and unique, and really good quality! >.<
2. I have just really got into the band 'Best Coast'. I now have 2 of their albums on my iPod!
3.I love to go to Cornwall. My famiy have been going there for generations, and on a rock on a beach, (called Trevone) we all have our initials. It's really lovely.
4. My favourite stationery shop is Artbox, they have really cute things. I especially like their Rilakkuma stock.
5. I love getting Penpal packages. I just sent one off today!
6. I love my bedroom. I actually tend to just collect things a I go, instead of just having my bedroom all finished and that being that!
7. I read one of the Ruby Redfort books the other day, and it was so good! I wish I had got the proper paper copy instead of getting it on my Kindle! I read Ruby Redfort ; Look Into My Eyes.
8. I love the film Mean Girls. It is just so good!
9. I have loads of socks...Just hardly any pairs! Somehow I just lose them....
10. I know that you should follow my blog...go and do it now, all you have to do is type in your e-mail address in the box (on the left of my blog) and then click submit...It's SUPER easy!
I know no.10. was a bit of a cheat, but I had to do it...
P.S. Today I reached 100 views and I have only had my blog for a week, so anyone who is reading now, or who has read my blog in the past, thankyooou!! Also, the title picture at the top, was of my hair when it was curly, a rare occurrence if you know me...I always straighen it! Good old GHD's!
I hope that you have had a good day!
Florence xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Polyvore, Pinterest and Best Coast :)

I wasn't really sure what I was going to post today, so I am just going to make it up as I go along. I will put some of my Polyvore creations up and maybe some more of my Top 5 Pinterest photos from the board called 'My Bedroom'. And I will also write a bit about Best Coast and why I like them so much!
So, first up, my Polyvore Creations.
Scrunchie-American Apparel
Watch-Svpply (???)
My Top 5 Pinterest Photos.
Why Do I like...
I mainly like Best Coast because they always sound so happy no matter what they are singing about, and I am getting a bit bored of all the depressng songs that are being released at the moment, as they are all a bit 'samey'. My favourite of their songs is 'Boyfriend', and I will leave a link below so you can hear what it sounds like.
Their videos are really original aswell!
So that's it really! I will blog again really soon, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Again, please vote in the poll for my blog. And comment on anything that you would like me to blog on.
See you soon!!

Florence xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shops and shiz...

So, for my post today, I am going to tell you a bit about myself, where I like to shop, what foods I like, etc.
So, let's not waste time!!
Where I Like To Shop
I love to shop in Olive, it has such originality in their clothing, and obviously a plus-side is that they have an Online Shop, which I love to look on all the time, then actually go into the shop to buy it. However, I have only ever ordered one thing from them online before and that took such a long time to come that I have given up ordering online and I just go into the shop to buy it!
But aside from that, they are definitely one of my favourite shops, and they always have such a large stock in when ever I go in!!
I also love to shop in Topshop. They have a real range of styles in there and there are also lots of Topshop shops around so it is easy to find one wherever you go. The only negative of there is that it is a bit expensive for some things but they have real quality clothing in there so it is definitely worth it. Topshop also have an online shop which is very useful as sometimes they don't have the right sizes in or the right things.
Boots is obviously a must for all the things like Soap and Glory, Make-up such as Maybelline and Rimmel London, Max Factor etc and also hair care and body care products. They obviously have an online shop.
I also love to shop at Jack Wills, mainly in the Winter as they have the nicest (and longest lasting) winter jumpers that I have seen! But they also have real quality things in there as well. I also love the make-up brushes that they sell in there, they are really soft and not too expensive. They also have an online shop. They have a 40% sale on at the moment, so go and check it out!
What Kind Of Foods Do I Like?
I'm only really going to stick to sweet treats for this because that is a bit easier.
I love the Maoam Pinballs, they are so nice and I have only ever found them at the local Tesco near where I live. It's so annoying, however, I am eating some right now!! Yum....

I alaso love Dolly Mixture. Not many of my friends like them so that is obviously a good thing!

I absolutely love Malteaser Ice-Creams. They are so nice and really good on holiday and hot sunny (if ever) days in England. :(

I also love a good old plain Cadbury Dairy Milk. They are really nice.

I also love mini eggs and they should so be available to buy all year round!

That's all from me today folks, but I'll be back agaon tomorrow, with some more stuff for you to read. Don't forget to vote in the poll that is at the top of my blog on the left had bar, above my profile. Also, please comment on things that you would like me to blog about!
See you soon.
Florence xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Marshmallow Pops. :)

For my blog post today, I am going to show you how to make some cute and simple Marsh-Mallow Pops. I will do a few different decoration techniques and Hopefully they will look like this when they are finished:
So, those are the ones that I'm going to show you how to make today. Here we go!
For 1. you will need:
About 20 Marsh mallows.
Orange Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
Yellow Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
Lolly Pop Sticks
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores and also in large supermarkets)
Lay out your marshmallows on a tray, covered in greaseproof paper, ready to dip into the candy melts. Stick the lolly pop sticks in the top of the marshmallows (it doesn't really matter which way up they go).
Melt the candy melts according to the instructions on the packet. Put them in a bowl and lay out next to the marshmallows.
Dip each marshmallow in the orange candy melts about 2/3 up the marshmallow.
Once all the marshmallows have dried from the orange candy melts, dip them all in the yellow, about 1/3 up and leave them to dry.
Serve, share and enjoy!
For 2. you will need:
A Polystyrene Block
(Available from craft stores)
Heart-Shaped marshmallows
Pink Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
White Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
Patterned/Pink Lolly Pop Sticks
Pink, White and Red Decorations
Stick the lolly-Pop sticks into the bottom of the marshmallows and then stick the other end into the polystyrene block.
Melt the candy Melts and put them in a bowl. Lay the bowls next to the marshmallows.
Dip (alternately) the marshmallows in the white and pink Candy Melts.
Sprinkle the marshmallows with the decorations.
Serve, share and enjoy!
For 3. you will need:
White Marshmallows
Blue Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
Red Candy Melts
(available from Amazon but they are also available in the baking section at most craft stores)
Lolly Pop Sticks
Lay out the marshmallows on a tray lined with greaseproof paper.
Melt the Candy Melts and put them in a bowl. Place next to the marshmallows.
Dip one end (1/3) of all the marshmallows in the red Candy Melts. Leave to dry.
Dip the other end (1/3) of all the marshmallows in the Blue Candy Melts.
Whilst the marahmallows are still wet at one end, Stick the lolly pop stick in and then leave to dry.
Serve, share and enjoy!
I have used other people's photos for this post, but I have made up the method so if you have any questions or queries, just keave them in the comments box below and I will answer them.
Also, I just spotted this photo and didn't know whether you wanted me to do a blog post on how to do this?
Leave a comment saying you opinion.
I am also going to introduce a poll for my blog once I have finished writing, so be sure to vote in it!
I will blog soon and don't forget to comment on things that you might want me to blog about. I am going to start doing more varied posts aswell now, so things like fashion, music and all that shiz. So see you soon and come back and read my post tomorrow!
Florence xxx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A really quick one right now!

Hi Again!
Just a REALLY quick one now:
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Sleep well


Hello for the second time today!
So, I don't know whether you have seen my new link that I have put on my blog yesterday, but it is linked to my Pinterest page. I am just going to do a few pictures that I like from my pinterest account. I have a lot of Boards so there will be quite a few pictures, but I hope you enjoy it!
I love her hair.

This photo is just so perfect. (above)




Jack Wills

Jack Wills

Cute dress

The newspaper twine above is DIY and is easy to make, go to my pinterest page and on the board called DIY, you will find the link to the page for how to do it. The link to my pinterest page is on the left hand side of my blog.
I will probaly do a post like this about once a month, so tell me if you like it or you would like me to do one more often.
Blog soon!
Florence xxx

Just a Quick One...

This is just a quick post for now, I will do a longer one later, but I just wanted to show you these two cute colourful bracelets that I found:

The top one (with smaller beads) is from Jack Wills, it was £5 and the money goes to a malaria charity (I think) and it has an outline of Africa on one bead and on the other side, it says, "UNITED AGAINST MALARIA", and another bead just has the Jack Wills logo on it.
And, the other day when I was in town, I really wanted to get some glitter nail varnish, and I found some by Model's Own, it is called Blizzard and it is just a clear base with different sized bits of silver glitter in it. This is what it looks like:

And that Nail Varnish was £5.
That's all for now, but I will do a longer post later on today.
See you soon!
Florence xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Thngs I like at The Moment!

Hi again!
So, for my blog-post today, I am going to just tell you what sort of things I am interested in at the moment, such as music, films and books etc.
So, here we go!!
It may sound a bit childish, but I am really enjoying the Ruby Redfort book, it is about a normal 13 year old girl (Ruby Redfort) who always keeps on top of everything, and is in love with puzzles, but then her life gets turned upside down when 'Hitch' the so-called butler turns up and Ruby discovers the secret agency called Spectrum. I really liked Ruby's character, she is so cheeky and smart at the same time! I would so recommend it...Go buy it now, whether it's on your phone, iPod, iPad, Tablet or Kindle!
I am really getting into Lana Del Ray at the moment, I thing her songs are so new and refreshing. I have recently purchased the Paradise Edition of Born to Die on my iPod and have almost not stopped listening to it! That edition comes with a free digital booklet (words and shiz) and I also bought some of her music videos (which sadly are not working on my iPod).
I have also listened to a couple of Best Coast's (Crazy For You) songs and really like them!
Mean girls. Oh. My. God. This actually the best ever film, in the entire universe! Here is the plot summary from IMDb;
"Cady Heron is a hit with The Plastics, the A-list girl clique at her new school, until she makes the mistake of falling for Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of alpha Plastic Regina George."

Stuff in General
Washi Tape / MT tape
Cute postcards
Pen-Pal Letters
Divine Twine

I don't like them, but they look cute!
Tunnock's Caramel Wafers
MAC Lipstick
In Ruby Woo.
Company Magazine
Especially Artbox stickers!
So, obviously there are lots more things that I like apart from the things on this page, but that was just a selection! I will probably do a post like this one once every month, just so you guys know what I'm into at the moment!
Have a good few days and enjoy the weekend!
Florence xxx
P.S. It was snowing really heavily this morning where I live!!