Monday, 27 May 2013

The Beach!

So, I've been on holiday this week and it has been completely amazing! We've been to the beach 2 days in a row, but my ears have got sun-burnt really badly and it hurts a lot, but I don't really care because the other day...I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!! It feels so amazing and they feel so smooth, I was literally going around school the first day I got them off just feeling my teeth with my tongue. If you've hadyou braces off, you'll know what I mean! ;)
So the beach was so surprising yesterday, we were just wondering along the shore of the sea and then we saw a starfish, the we turned around and saw hundreds and hundreds of more starfish! It was one of the most amazing experiences. A man came over to talk to us and he said he had been living there his whole life and he had never seen so many star-fish so we felt really privileged. Check out my instagram (florencemathews) for daily pics of my holiday. So that was so amazing!
Then  I found these really cute little pots of sweets which are shaped like pigs and dogs (don't ask) and are filled with little hard sweets shaped like hearts, stars, bananas, and apples and lots of other little things like that...any way  I got a few of them for my friends...I hope they like them!
I swear this is like the most writing that I have ever done on one blog post! I looks so wierd! So, this is the only time that I have been able to post in the past few days beacuse we have beenon the beach for like the whole day so I haven't had enough time.

I am literally (not quite literally) pbsessed with the Marvellous Creations chocolate bars at the moment. I'm not so keen on the jelly-bean and popping-candy one but I LOVE the Cookie one. It tastes sooo good! Comment below on which one you prefer.  :)

I am also loving the Love Da Pop popcorn the I think you can only buy from Waitrose (they should so sell it everywhere though) but my favourite flavour is the toffee (?) amd caramel one or the honey one, I think I prefer the caramel one. But if you haven't tried it already then just go buy a load of it now..........I did!!

I am also a bit in love with Jammie Dodgers at the moment, We have literally found them every-where we go lately so I guess I have got into a bit of a habit of eating them.

Whilst I am on holiday, I am also making the most of Sky TV which was literally a god-send today as it was raining so hard that we didn't go out. So I have basically been watching Monsters' Inc and Friends (E4 bring back friends!!!) all day...It's been great!!!

I also had the most crazy ice-cream yesterday! It had blue sherbet around the top and turned my lips blue for the majority of the day...embarrassing! I had cookies and cream ice-cream with colourful sprinkles on it (see my Instagram for the photo. So, that's all I have to say really! I'll just leave you with this picture;

Ok, no I won't because my laptop is being a poo-head and not opening up my photo-stream, it was going to be a picture of me holding a star-fish, but you can go and see that on my Instagram. I hope you have a good week! I will blog again soon!

Florence xxx

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