Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ice Lollies And Things About Summer.

Oh Hi!
So, I'm meant to be doing my homework, but I can't find my school book, so this will have to do! Today, I am going to attach a few of my favourite things to do in the Summer and I will also find a recipe for these really nice ice-lollies which are super-easy to make! So, here goes!
I love Candy-Floss

The Beach

Taking Pictures



Going on holiday...who doesn't like that?!




And more ice-lollies...
source for photos : Pinterest
So, now i'm just going to do a quick recipe for a really yummy ice-lolly which is seriously easy and quick to make.
You Will Need;
An Ice-Lolly tray thing.
Lemonade (preferably sprite but anything will do)
Gummy bears...the more colourful the better!
The Method;
1.  Fill the ice-lolly trays with the lemonade but leave about 1/2 inch to 1 inch as you will need to put in the lid and the gummy bears.
2. Put in the gummy bears. Do it carefully because the lemonade will splash everywhere if you don't do it gently.
3. Then put on the lid. the lemonade shouldn't spill over the edge but if it does then just pour some out.
4. They should look like this...
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Thankyou, and I will blog again sooonn!
Florence xxx