Monday, 6 May 2013


Hello There Everyone!
So, on Sunday, it was my brother's birthday and I think that he had a really good day, but in 74 days, it is my birthday!! I am pretty excited! So, I wa just going to put in a few pictures from good ol' Pinterest of what I would like my birthday to be like. I also went shopping in Bristol today, so I will out some pictures of what I bought aswell.























I know it's a really long time until my birthday, but i thought it would be better to do a post than to not do one at all.
Instead of taking pictures of the actual things that I bought, I willl just find pictures of them on Google...lazy, I know! ;)



And I got a really cute bottle of Pink Lemonade from M&S but I drank all that! I think that's all I got, but if I remember anything, then I will edit this blog post and put it in. Thank you for reading! See you again soon.
Florence xxx