Friday, 7 June 2013


So I got back from holiday 6 days ago and I had an amazing time, and I was sad to go but luckily I was going home to my friend's birthday party which was Moonrise Kingdom themed and it was super amazing! So thanks for that Ruby!

I feel bad because I haven't blogged in a while, so here's me making it up to blogging...!

I'm so excited, it's my birthday in 44 days . . . ok, maybe I'm a bit too excited but I still can't wait! So, for this blog post, I was going to put in some photos of some things that I would like for my birthday, (*hint hint Mum*) here goes!
Diana Camera : Mini £49.00
Olive Green Stripe T-Shirt £25.00
Kanken Mini £38.00
Day Pencils Couldn't find the price.
Knot & Bow Gold heart stickers £2.64
Model's Own Pink Punch Neon Nail Varnish  £5.00
Skittles Wild Berry £1.16
Neon Green Washi Tape £2.49
Moomin Mug : HattiFatteners £14.50
I'm sorry that there's not much there! I'm getting an iPod 5 for my birthday aswell! I can't wait! Thanks for reading, see you next time!
Florence xxx