Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's Raining : (

Hello Everybody,
So, I think all that talk about Summer in my last post jinxed the weather because it is chucking it down with rain at my house, so that's a bit of a poo but, never mind, I just hope that it gets more sunny soon!
Yesterday, I bought some noen pink and neon green washi tape and I have been looking for things to use them for, so here they are!

Phone Case
Photo Frames


Deer Wall



Coat Hangers


Hope you like those! I am now going to do some of my favourite pictures that I have pinned lately from Pinterest...of course!....There's quite a few!


Disposable camera

Love the Stripes

Glitter Envelopes

Star Garlands

Sharpie Jars

Printable Calendars

Pom-Pom Frames

Love the Decoration

Sprinkle Pancakes

Star Sandwiches

Watermelon Hearts

Blueberry in a Mug

Peach Lemonade

Peeps s'mores



Face Cookies

Love this.

Cute Chair


Melon Ice-Lollies

Banana In A Mug

Ruby Redfort's Room. I love it so so much!


Rainbow Cake

Like the stool and the poster.



Air-Plane Bracelet

Stripey Foot-Stool

Orange T-Shirt

Mess Journal, Keri Smith

Face Sandwiches, I would so have these!

Triangle Tights.
I'm sorry that this was so longs and that there wasn't much writing. Please comment on things that I could write about as I am struggling for ideas!
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow!
Florence xxx