Thursday, 25 April 2013

I'm Sorry!

I'm sososososo sorry that I haven't poted in about a month, what with going on holiday and going back to svhool, it's been quite hectic, but hopefully, now I'll find more time to blog!
So with my apology over and done with, I'll get started!
As I'm writing this post, I am watching a film called Moonrise Kingdom, whch is officially one of the best films made in the history of ever! My two friends, Ruby and Holly, have always said how amazing it is, and the other day, Holly gave it to me to borrow for a couple of days. I just think it is so cute! It's set on the 1960's and is about two 12 year-olds who run away together and fall in love.  Here are some pictures from the film.





So, just look it up and then buy it from...wherever...Amazon is probably your best bet! Because it really is the best film I have seen in a while! So thankyou very much my friends who told me about it! Again I am really sorry for the lack of posts lately, I will blog again soon!


Florence xxx